De Hoogste Tijd
The way we were (album Touched by Streisand)
Eres todo para mi (album Eternal woman)
My one true love (dvd Live in Concert with Jan Vayne)
We can’t let go (album Here and Now, duet Simone Kleinsma)
Messalina (album Mistress & DVD Live in Concert)
L’ Ultimo Abbraccio (album Mistress)
Trailer Petra Berger
You raise me up (album Here and Now)
Here and Now (album Here and Now)
Tell Him – duet with Lida
Every Time – duet with Joshua Payne (cover Telkens weer)
The lonely Shepherd – duet with Daniel Beck
Boadicea (album Eternal woman)
Life goes on – Petra Berger en Alessandro Safina
Petra Berger en Jan Vayne
Overzicht 1987 – 2012
Touched by Streisand – album
Terra Promessa (album Eternal woman)
Petra Berger - Close You're Eyes
Close Your Eyes (album Eternal woman)
Zoektocht naar Geluk – trailer

Zoektocht naar Geluk – Theatervoorstelling 2015/2016

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